Sleepy. (violent_purple) wrote in kaufman,

Hey fellow Kaufman fans!

I'm new to the community, I decided to join becasue I was ill today and ended up watching Being John Malkovitch twice and remembering that I had all of Charlies films on DVD (bar Human Nature, can't find it anywhere). My name is Astrid and I'm 16. I think all of his ideas are brilliant, and he has written some of the most original films I've ever seen. My favourite of his films is Eternal Sunshine, probably becasue of the fine acting, and I like the idea that the film has so many locations, that each scene is of a different memory. Adaptation is really growing on me now, and John Malkovitch is superb, though can everyone completley buy the love between Maxine and Craig? I just didn't find that so plausible.
Anyway, glad to see some other Kaufman fans, I comment loads so shall you you around!
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